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The Woo Casino Mobile App

The Woo Casino App is an innovative release from the company to make the gambling service available for all Canadian punters. The previous method of betting sites only being accessible on desktop computers is long outdated.

In today’s world, people use their phones a lot more than desktop computers because they are easier to access, and a lot of social activity is handled through mobile phones.

One of the primary reasons behind adding recreational services like gambling to smart devices is for ease of access. Phones are portable, so they can be carried anywhere without stress. When users can access the casinos from their phones, they can play games from any location.

They practically carry the gambling fun everywhere they go. Lots of online gambling operators today are compatible with mobile devices as everyone tries to meet this need in society.

With the Woo Mobile App, you can get all the games you are used to on the signature Woocasino interface on your mobile phone for easy access at any time. Keep reading to discover more details about the Woo Casino Mobile App.

Installing the Woo Casino App

The Woo Casino Mobile Version can be accessed in two ways. First, the platform can be accessed from a mobile device easily. This one does not need any installation.

To access this version, you only need to visit this website from a phone, and you will see a new interface for the platform that has been optimized for mobile viewing.

The other option is the actual Woo Casino App. It is actually an independent software that needs to be installed on the phone for it to be used. The software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

You can get this product from your device’s app store. If you are using a device running on Android OS, download the software from Google’s Play Store. If you are using an iPhone or iOS device, the software will be available on the App Store.

The store will download the software’s application package (apk) and install it automatically. This method is preferred because it is a good way to ensure that you are using the right app from a reliable source.

Woo Casino Welcome Bonus

How to Use the Woo Mobile App

If you are familiar with the way things are done on the Woo desktop version, you will not have any problem with transitioning to the smartphone version.

After installing the software on the device, you can access it from your device’s app menu. Now, log in to an old account, or register a new profile to try the games.

Once you are in, you can find out the games, profile setting, and bonuses easily. It works just the same way it does on the desktop version; the only difference here is with the interface. 

Since gambling from a smartphone is so easy and convenient, users could go on and on playing free games or money bets on the software. We recommend that players should take breaks from gambling the games because overusing mobile phones could have a bad effect on the eyes in the long run.

If, at any point, you encounter any issues while using the Woo Casino Mobile App,  consider speaking to the customer service staff through the support feature on the software to get it resolved.

Interface on the Woo Casino Mobile App

All the unique colours and designs that make Woo Casino stand out from other software are repeated on the Woo Casino App. You should not be expecting any change in the casino’s style pattern after switching to a mobile device.

The changes that were made to the interface were done that way because the screen of mobile devices is small. In order to make the software usable on mobile phones, the sizes of important buttons and icons were enlarged.

In addition to these, menus that take up a lot of space on the desktop version have been hidden in dropdown menus on the mobile view.

Also, to make it easier for users to move across the app, there is a navigation menu at the bottom of the screen.

How to Register an Account and Make a Deposit

As a rule, on this site, users need to have an account registered before they can make deposits or play games for money here. This also applies to the Woo Casino Mobile App.

To register, select the Registration option and follow the instructions that are provided on the screen. You will need to fill in some personal details like a username, password, date of birth, address information and similar details when creating the new account.

Now, verify the account and make the first deposit. To confirm a profile, you only need to upload valid documents that match what is requested on the profile page.

This betting site accepts deposits through various payment methods. Check out the full list of options available, select the one that suits you, and make the first transaction.

Loyalty Program Woo Casino

Woo Casino Bonuses

On the Woo Casino App, you can enjoy all the benefits that are on the desktop version. The same promos and offers are available for all users.

As a new user, you can get up to CAD 300 and 200 free spins from the welcome bonus. They are activated across the first two deposits. To activate the rewards, the deposits must be made with the codes “WOO” and “WOLF” for the first and second deposits, respectively.

There is also a Champion Reload Bonus for players who have used up their welcome rewards. The Reload bonus can be activated with the promo code “SCORE” when the deposit is completed on a Saturday or Sunday.

Security Measures Available in Woo Casino

Woo Casino is committed to creating a safe environment for gamblers to play games comfortably. As a user here, you can rest assured that your data is secure. 

This mobile gambling platform uses 128-bit SSL encryption and the most innovative PGP protocol to ensure that the transfer of data is safe from malicious hackers.

More than just securing data, gamblers need to be sure that the games are safe and fair. Games on the website and the Woo Casino App are only sourced from providers that have been tested by reputable software testing bodies and are certified to be genuine and safe.

Pros and Cons of the Woo Casino Mobile App


The major advantage of the Woo Casino mobile version is that it is easy to access. It can be used from any location with ease. This also makes gambling more convenient for many users because they can use their free time to participate in recreational gambling and do other more serious work when they have time to sit at a computer.


The use of the Woo Casino App is still limited by internet access, so it can’t literally be used from any location. Also, gambling on a mobile phone is not good for everyone. Phones are constantly getting notifications that could distract the punter from being fully focused on the bet they are making.